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What is the difference among your packages?
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First, we have mainly categorized our packages according to the following sizes, 5x7 inches RECTANGULAR WIDE, 4x9 inches RECTANGULAR NARROW, 6x6 inches SQUARE REGULAR, and lastly 7x7 inches SQUARE LARGE.

Secondly, we have divided them into 4 sub-categories:

Basic Invites Collection- invites that have no embellishments whatsoever, but uses only our   
stylish designs and prints

Fab Photo Invites- invites that show off your pre nup photos which we edit and do
enhancements to suit the color motif of your invitation

Diva-nized with gems - invites that have some beadwork, crystals, or gems

Diva-nized with flowers or ribbons- invites that have ribbons, or flowers either on the main card, or on the envelope.

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