How to Select Your Perfect Invites, the Diva Way

(1) Are you a Fab-Photo gal, or a Basic Collection dude? Choose first your basic package, whether you want photos included in your invites, or use our stylish designs.

(2) Choose from our different designs and models which suit your motif or theme for your event. Note that the designs can be color customized at no extra charge.

(3) They say size matters, but to us, this is no issue. Select from our packages what size you want your invite to be: whether 7x7, 6x6, 5x7, 4x9, Tri-fold Accordion, or our boarding pass invites. We place your choice of design to your chosen invitation size. No invite here is “seen-as”. We are flexible and happy to accommodate your needs.

(4) Time for the envelopes.... do you want the basics or upgrade your package to Glam Wraps? Ask for the available packaging for your chosen invitation size.

(5) Almost done! Just decide now if you want your invites Divanized with Gems, or Divanized with Ribbons.

Tah-dah! Finished! Ain’t that easy now?

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